Trill Ship Ep. 7
uploaded on Jul 9, 2014
Trill Ship Ep. 7

In episode 7, DJ Baby Chino sits down for a great conversation with music, fashion, and cultural icon, Pusha T! Later in the week, Crew members Tjay and Alectra invade Vegas rapper Dizzy Wright's last rehearsal before his first national tour.

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insanodaneo 7 years ago

Lovin the series. Keep 'em coming!

attackphase 7 years ago

trill ship is the future...keep em coming

TrillShitOnly 7 years ago


joeyfingaz 7 years ago

rap game mickey mouse club

tillamonsta 7 years ago

trill ship is the future. yall gonna eat ur words when these kids grow up to be the next hip hop stars.

joeyfingaz 7 years ago

Great job Alectra, Tjay, & DJBC !

1017thug 7 years ago

I'm tires of these little dirty ass kids and this stupid trill ship videos #fuck cali

datziggidy 7 years ago

all these kids on this show,someone is a child molester,lets make music about hoes,bitches,drug,killing and rik ross rape to target it towards kids,fukin child molesting bastards,this aint trill,it pedophile shit