Trill Ship Ep. 9
uploaded on Sep 5, 2014
In Episode 9, DJ Baby Chino hangs out with Soulja Boy at the "AGENDA" convention in Las Vegas. They talk about fashion, music, and what Soulja Boy has in store for 2015.
5 hours away in Los Angeles, Alectra chills with Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda. She asks him all kinds of questions and even learns how to do the now famous, "Shmoney Dance". Stay tuned for more episodes!

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your perspective all out of whack. only sick fucks would think like this. you must have personal issues with this and should look into getting help. I thought the episodes I watched were positive and refreshing from the usual bullshit. keep em comin

datziggidy 7 years ago

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thistinglesmyinterest 7 years ago

keep it up! you guys are doing great!

TrillShitOnly 7 years ago

trill ship only

attackphase 7 years ago

consistently good episodes! TRILL SHIP

ohmybasedgod 7 years ago

great job

tillamonsta 7 years ago

these youngins doin better interviews than people twice their age! Those jerseys are hot too!!!